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To invite review of your reflections by the GCD Review Committee, use the form below. Use the form as many times as necessary, submitting one GCD Category each time. It is important to use the form, as there could potentially be thousands of submissions each year and this form allows us to keep track of everything that has been submitted. Reviewers will notify you of approval or suggestions for revision by email or in a comment on your blog post. Please be sure to use the form to include the link to your GCD Showcase (a link to a category in your blog that contains 5 or so of your most profound GCD learning experiences that you would like university recruiters to see).

Review Periods for 2016-2017 are listed below. PLEASE NOTE: In order for your reflections to be reviewed in the stated Review Period, you must use the form to invite review BEFORE the Review Period begins. If you use the form during the Review Period, those reflections will not be reviewed until the next Review Period. Early feedback may be possible, but only as time permits.

2016-2017 GCD Reflection Review Periods
Semester One
(Invite Reviewers before) Friday 9 September – Friday 16 September. G11/12 Only *For students who prepared reflections over the summer and would like feedback.
(Invite Reviewers before) Friday 7 October – Friday 14 October. G11/12 Only *Last Review Period for Seniors who are applying early to Oxbridge or UK Medical Schools for October 15 application deadlines or early action to USA for November 1 application deadlines.
(Invite Reviewers before) Friday 18 November – Friday 25 November. G11/12 Only *Last Review Period for Seniors who want the GCD included in their pre-graduation university applications to USA, UK, Canada, Asia.

Semester Two
(Invite Reviewers before) Friday 27 January – Friday 10 February. G9-12 *First Review Period for G9/10 students who have prepared reflections in Semester One.
(Invite Reviewers before) Friday 31 March – Friday 7 April. G9-12 *Last Review Period for Seniors to earn the GCD. No Senior revisions after this date.
(Invite Reviewers before) Friday 19 May – Thursday 25 May. G9-11 Only *Last Review Period for 2016-2017