Recognition, not addition:

The GCD gives students a chance to showcase
what they are already doing and share these
experiences with authentic audiences.

A story more than numbers:

Every student has successes both in and out
of the classroom, and the GCD highlights
the story of learning through a range of lenses.

Relevance now and in the future:

Not only do students document their learning
journeys today, they can share these journeys
with future universities/employers.


Mission aligned credential:

Many schools’ visions and values
serve as a call to responsible action;
the GCD supports schools in more
effectively living their missions.

Culture of metacognition and reflection:

The process of earning the GCD provides
an authentic and relevant context in which
students can synthesise their thinking.

Network of like-minded schools:

The shared beliefs of the GCD community
encourage exploration, innovation and
collaboration for both faculty and students.


Deep insight into applicants:

Beyond a list of class grades, the GCD offers
a comprehensive view of student academic
performance and co-curricular activities.

Identifying best-fit candidates:

Students who have completed the GCD
can provide evidence of their ethical character,
self-directedness and well-roundedness.

Validation of experiences:

The GCD framework and transcript
ensure that students have adhered to
a set of external standards throughout
the reflective process.